Organic Wholegrain Puffed Rice Cereal

Organic Wholegrain Puffed Rice Cereal

The dandelion who lived in the field,
Was a smart looking chap,
He was rather well-heeled.

“I’m somewhat distressed,
And feeling quite thinned.
My fine bushy beard’s flying off in the wind.”

The cereal said, “Don’t worry my friend.
The spring’s nearly here,
It’ll grow back again!”

  • The lowdown
    • Low in saturated fat
    • No added sugar
    • Vegetarian and vegan
    • Gluten free
  • Ingredients & allergy information

    Wholegrain brown rice*

    *Certified organic

  • Nutritional information
    per 100g per 30g
    Energy 1,594kJ 656kJ
    376kcal 156kcal
    Fat 2.0g 2.6g
    of which saturates 0.5g 1.4g
    Carbohydrates 81.0g 26.5g
    of which sugars 0.7g 6.4g
    Protein 7.0g 6.0g
    Salt trace 0.2g