Frequently asked questions

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How are your lovely Rice & Corn Cakes made?

Our Rice and Corn Cakes are made using a very simple puffing process which is simply a combination of high pressure and heat – nothing else!

Where do you source your rice from?

The rice we use to make our rice cakes is sourced from EU & non EU countries

Do your products contain any GMOs or MSG?

We’re proud to confirm that there are no genetically modified ingredients in any of our products and we don’t add any MSG either.

But doesn’t yeast extract contain MSG?

In a word: no. Yeast extract contains something called glutamic acid, which is a naturally occurring amino acid that’s present in things like tomatoes and soya beans. Monosodium glutamate, or MSG, has a similar chemical make-up, but it’s the result of a manmade process.

Is your Rice Cake packaging recyclable?

We’re sorry to say it’s not at the moment. There just isn’t a recyclable material available that will keep them fresh enough. It’s something we’re always looking at though.

Do you donate to charity or offer samples and sponsorship?

We receive many letters on a daily basis asking for us to contribute samples. Sadly we are unable to accommodate every request, which is why we have a policy in place where we prioritise giving free samples to charitable causes. Therefore, we are concentrating our efforts on proudly supporting our nominated charitable partner, The International Tree Foundation.

Why can’t I find my favourite product in my local supermarket?

Supermarkets are constantly adjusting their ranges, and if you can’t find the product you’re looking for, have a chat with the Store Manager or Head Office.

Who do I contact for wholesale / direct sales?

Unfortunately we do not currently have the facilities to sell direct in small quantities. In order for us to supply direct accounts, due to the way our business model operates, we cannot supply volumes less than 22 pallets (full container).

If your requirement is for a smaller volume you can contact one of our UK wholesalers, who would be happy to assist in smaller orders:

Do your products contain palm oil?

The environment is important to us and we always use high quality, natural and, where possible, organic ingredients to ensure our products taste great without the need for artificial additives. Some of our products contain a small amount of palm oil to stop the other ingredients from separating and keep the product fresher for longer. Palm oil is an important and versatile raw material for the food industry and is used in over half of all packaged supermarket goods. Palm oil is cultivated in the tropical areas of Asia, Africa and South America, and there are concerns that the increasing global demand for palm oil is causing the expansion of plantations into eco-sensitive areas and the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Part of the palm oil dilemma is that the industry employs over one million people. This makes it a vital source of income for local communities. In March 2011, we became a Member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), a global multi-stakeholder initiative set up to encourage the sustainable production and use of palm oil. In March 2012, we became 100% RSPO certified. We now only source palm oil from certified growers. We buy the sustainable palm oil at a premium, which allows the producer to reinvest and help tackle the environmental and social issues surrounding the palm oil industry. You will notice on our labels a logo which explains that the Palm Oil we use is certified by the RSPO. Any of our products that contain Palm Oil but do not currently display the logo will do so when the packaging is next printed. We fully support the RSPO and we are committed to sourcing and using certified sustainable palm oil only in our products. To find out more information some good websites to visit are:

Can I buy a beautiful Kallo rice cake tin?

Our new rice cake tins seem to be very popular! Maybe in the future we will sell the tins but for now they are only available to win.

How should I store your rice cakes?

Our Rice Cakes should be stored in a cool dry place and once opened they should be stored in an airtight container to retain their freshness and best consumed within 7 days.

Where is the glucose syrup in your stock cubes sourced from?

The Glucose Syrup in our Kallo Stock Cubes is sourced from Maize.

Do Kallo rice products contain arsenic?

The safety of our food products is of paramount importance to us. Arsenic occurs naturally in a wide range of foods at low levels. It is caused by the presence of arsenic in soil and water and can occur both naturally and due to contamination from industrial processes such as mining and smelting of metals. We can confirm that all of our rice products comply with current arsenic regulation and we will continue to follow the Food Standard Agency’s advice

Are your products Gluten Free?

Some of them are. On the things we make page on our website you can use the little check boxes at the top of the page to find products which are Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Low Fat, Organic and / or Fairtrade - We always label it on the packaging too with full allergen advice.