Everything we do is sprinkled with a pinch of poetry...

This way for our poetry

The lonely young berry,
Didn’t know what to do.
He couldn’t work out,
Why he felt quite so blue.

“What you need is a friend,”
Said vanilla with a nod.
“Come sit over here,
There’s room in my pod.”

They soon became friends,
And their future was sealed.
So they set up their home,
In a blueberry field.

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The organic fairy,
Who lived in a tree,
Was at one with the woods,
She was happy and free.

Her dresses were made,
Of spider web silk.
Her house was of twigs,
And things of that ilk.

She danced in the sunlight,
She bathed by the moon.
She slept in December,
And partied in June.

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Old captain Jack,
Was an air balloon pilot.
He was known in the clouds,
As a bit of a pirate.

His basket was fixed,
With a wonderful spinnaker.
And his sand bags were filled,
With sea salt and vinegar.

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The king who lived in the castle,
Was incredibly tidy and neat.
He made sure his crown always sparkled,
And refused to get mud on his feet.

He wouldn’t eat anything fussy,
He liked his food simple and plain.
So he banished all salt from his kingdon,
And was admired throughout his long reign.

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The sesame bird,
Is a fashionable chap.
“I’m an icon of style,”
He declares with a flap.

“My feathers are bright,
My tail is so long.
I’m a most handsome bird,”
Say the words of his song.

He struts through the woods,
And it’s wholly agreed,
That his brain is the size,
Of a sesame seed.

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